ATTENTION FANS: The Let Downs has long since broke up but this site has remained intact for nine years. I do have the 7" below available as well as t-shirts. Send me a fiver and I will send you a tee and 7". Don't forget to tell me your size.

New Two Song Hit 7" Release Out Now!

A Side: Hot Topic (wav347k) B Side: Friscospeedball (wav528k)

"Kicks ass with fury of maddening sonic blast!" - Bill Smith

The Blue Elephant Nite Club
and Milk Bar is now open. Performing tonite and every nite it's monster rock group....

(Update 12.17.96)

A real no hoper...

The Let Downs developed due to outcasts, born in the sixties and meeting another born in '71. An odd gathering of dropouts from such San Diego bands as... the Tell-Tale Hearts, Fishwife, the Hoods and Crankshaft. A realization of atomic-subterfuge melded the fissure's of The Let Downs mind's from four ideas into one singular glorious "escapade". Then they remembered they also had a organ player who knew nothing about fissures of the mind because he played a "Farfisa".

Only rare raw analog bootleg recordings have been previously available. And the minimal information from the band about up and coming releases makes seekers into angry mobs at gigs.

Who they are...

Ryan Foxe - Implorable virtuoso
Ron Swart - Farfisa manifestation
Jeremy Reid - Singerland slinger
Marc Schroeder - Capitain fuzz
Tod Swank - 4 string motherfucker

OUT NOW! Hot Topic, Friscospeedball 7"
Bummer Music - releases this two song hit single. Recorded at the ever degrading Bummer Studios 4track Emplorium. Produced by The Let Downs. Send $3.50 PPD USA $5.00 foreign to the address below and turn it up.

Also Available: Three song analog bootleg cassette with "Bloodworms", "Black Bird" and the ever daunting "Alanta". Send $3.00 PPD.

New rare-ass video clips!
"Woman Who Love Woman" at the Casbah (2400k)
"Woman Who Love Woman" at the Casbah (899k)
Tim Maze slinging mud at the band. (899k)

New! Incriminating Evidence - Snapshots from Hell

Momo sports the B side tee shirt. Only$10 measley bucks!
100% cotton, specify size (Hot Chick sizes available) white only.

To be further "let down" or to become a official "Downer" contact: The Let Downs / Bummer Music 4647 Rhode Island St. San Diego, Ca 92116 or email.

The Blue Elephant Nite Club and Milk Bar is proud to create and maintain this unofficial Let Downs webpage. Future updates include song samples, video of the band, band photos, gig flyers, past, present and future release info and gig/tour information. Return often and get your ass kicked. ©1996 Blue Elephant

All music ©1996 The Let Downs / Bummer Music ASCAP


December 31st, 1996 New Years Eve!
Double Downs
4440 Paradise, Las Vegas, NV
with The Loons and The Bomboras

December 23rd, 1996 Casbah (21)
2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, Ca 232-4355

December 21st, 1996 Purple Onion
San Francisco, Ca

December 20th, 1996
Petrelli's Manhatten
230 N Aviation, Manhattan Beach, CA

November 22nd, 1996 Casbah (21)
2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, Ca 232-4355

October 26th, 1996 Casbah (21)
2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, Ca 232-4355

August 2nd, 1996 Kirklands (21)
3221 Adams Ave Normal Heights, Ca 281-0263

August 9th,1996 Soul Kitchen (All ages)
168 E. Main St, El Cajon, Ca 579-3735

August 16th, 1996 Casbah (21)
2501 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, Ca 232-4355